Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My Rebellion Gone Wrong

On Saturday I was letting Mom know that I was feeling unappreciated, and neglected because she had been gone overnight for work and there was still the matter of the noisy little rug rats in the house. Mom reminded me that Grandpa was in the house and I wasn't alone. As always I expressed my disappointment in her priority's by walking away flicking my tail at her. I walked to the garage door asking to go out.

I love the garage on rainy days! Mom is usually OCD about making sure the garage door is closed. Today however she was distracted by the phone and swung the door open with out thinking. There in front of me was the lovely garage door wide open beaming in light. One look at that and I thought Ah Ha! I will make you pay! I flashed a look of triumph to Mom, and I was out the door in a second flat.

I had been thinking about what I would do the next time I got free. You might even say I had been plotting this for months. Before Mom had even gotten outside I scrambled up a tree and I was up on the roof. You should have seen Mom run around the house calling to me. It was hilarious!

Teasing Mom was awesome! Every once and awhile I would come real close to the edge and meow for Mom to get me. Once she got there I would run back at the top of the roof. I was having a great time! You should have seen her face.
After yelling for me to come in for a long time Mom finally went inside and I had some peace and quite. Mom didn't fool me though I knew she was inside the house fussing and pacing trying to figure out how to get me down. (I like this picture it looks like I lost my ear but I was really just doing my radar imitation)

When it started to rain really hard the sky started flashing lights. Mom came back outside to yell at me again. I was running around going naaaana boooboo to Mom. But I was thinking about coming back in because I was getting really wet. All of a sudden this huge red tail hawk came swooshing by really low.
Mom has told me about how hawks pick up prey with their talons so when I saw him circle around and starting to dive bomb me again I knew I was in trouble. (Mom said she missed the picture of the hawk by a second it was right above me in this picture.)

There aren't any more pictures mostly because Mom dropped her camera and threw her shoe at the hawk. (don't worry she didn't hit him just scared him so he wouldn't pick me up and fly away with me.) I don't really remember what happened next mostly because I was scared. Mom said I ran over the top of the roof and disappeared along with the hawk. She looked all over for me for close to two hours. She finally called our friend Shelia who jumped in her car and came over right away.

Once Sheila got there I knew it was ok to come out. Mom was pretty upset by this time because she thought that the hawk had gotten me. (This has happened to one of our friends little dogs.) When Sheila drove into our driveway I let my Mom see me, but then our neighbor's dog came running after me because I was in his yard. I got really scared again and ran as fast as I could right up a big tree and back down again. Finally I got to my favorite place in my yard. Shelia came and sat down on the ground right in the middle of the rain and flashy storm, and talked to me real nice and I went and sat in her lap.

Mom's face was all wet and I don't think it was just the rain. Once she calmed down she hugged me real tight. It was a long time before she set me down.

So I guess the moral of the story is be careful when you try to rebel it usually gets you in more trouble then you need. More about the rug rats trip to the vet tomorrow!

Good Day, Madison

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