Friday, February 19, 2010


I haven't been around for a lonnnnng time. Mostly because my Mom says she is too busy to post things. I say that is no excuse i miss my cat friends. We have had a lot of changes in our family since I last wrote to you and I will fill you in on all the details but for today I have to tell you that I am in Trouble with a capital T.

All of you know how much I like to go out side. Since it is winter and I don't stay out side as long as I would normally Mom and I have come to a agreement. On the days she has to go to work I wake her up once the sun rises. She lets me go out with out being tied up! The deal is she calls me back by shaking my treat bottel. She always gives me a 10 min warning so far the whole winter I have been very good.


Execpt for today. Mom was supposed to meet Grandma before work to give her something she left at our house. I got caught up in the most delicious smell. I heard Mom shaking the treat bottel. I even heard her outside walking in the snow calling for me. Kitties you know how it is don't you? I just couldn't help myself!

Well when I came back Mom didn't yell or scream she gave me a pet and some treats but then she said the worst thing ever! "I dissapointed in you Madison. I thought we had a deal? I love you and I will be home around 7pm tonight."

It turns out I made her a half hour late for work, not only that I made Grandma late for her meeting too.

Kitties I feel so guilty. I guess I will have to do better tomorrow. I am sending big head butts and cheek rubs to all of you! It's nap time! I luvs naps!